Stay “cool” with your hot broth :-)

I have officially jumped on the bone broth bandwagon!

No idea what I’m talking about? BrodoWell, you SHOULD know, that it’s become very au courant to sip bone broth out of a coffee cup. And while it might sound strange, I think you’ll find it to be a delicious and comforting snack. In addition to its flavor, experts are now claiming that the nutritional benefits derived from this long-simmering brew are enormous. In fact, this trend is so hot that Marco Canora (a well-known NYC restaurateur) has recently opened Brodo, an outpost of his restaurant (Hearth), focused on selling broth as a hot beverage.

With the help of my trusty pressure cooker to speed things up, I am really enjoying making my own. Recipes such as this one from the New York Times produce a super flavorful and hearty beef broth. However, you can make your own recipes and transform your basic broth into something really special. As a starting point, use the techniques shared in my Stocks section (with meat added to the simmer if you prefer broth over stock). Then just add seasoning and a few basic ingredients to customize to your taste. For example:

  • If you’re in the mood for a little savory overlay, simply simmer your broth with leftover Parmesan rinds. They’ll give your broth a depth of flavor you won’t believe.
  • Craving a bit more umami? Simmer your broth with dried porcini mushrooms. Just this one added ingredient will amp up the nutritional value of your broth and completely change the flavor profile.
  • Or feel like completely changing things up? Then how about sipping on a Thai-style broth? Just simmer your broth with garlic, ginger, lime, chile, fish sauce and coconut milk. You won’t believe how much it will taste like great Thai soups you’ve had in restaurants.

What other recipes might you make?

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