Custards & Creams

Truffle Custard

Coming Soon!

All custards are pudding but not all puddings are custards.


  • Liquid thickened by coagulation of eggs
  • Crème anglaise/vanilla custard sauce – stirred custard consisting of milk, sugar, egg yolks and vanilla
  • Pastry crème – contains starch thickeners as well as eggs
  • Baked custard – baked rather than stirred so it becomes firm


  • Starch-thickened/Boiled
    • Cornstarch/blancmange – milk, sugar, flavorings thickened with starch
    • Cream – same as pastry cream; difference between these and blancmange is use of eggs
  • Baked – custards that contain large quantities of other ingredients i.e. bread pudding


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