Here’s a Quick Way to put a Healthy Meal on the Table: Salmon en Papillote

Prep your salmon by laying out ingredients

While it sounds pretty fancy, cooking “en Papillote” is simply cooking in a pouch.

When you’re looking for a quick and healthy cooking technique, you can’t beat it.

On a piece of aluminum foil or parchment paper, layer a protein with
vegetables and/or fruits, aromatics, seasonings and liquids. Wrap it up with a small opening at the top (to let out a bit of steam) and bake it. When it’s done, the flavors will have concentrated and the clean-up will be a cinch.

Bring the corners of the foil up to create a pouch


Using this as background on the ingredients and techniques, how might you make your own recipe? How about you:


  • Shrimp, chicken, pork and most any other fish would work well


  • Bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots and most fruits and vegetables would add color, flavor and texture


  • For Indian flair, use garam masala and mango
  • For Italian flavor, use oregano, basil and grape tomatoes

You get the idea… Now please share your recipes!


Transfer onto a plate to serve

  • 2 – Pieces of fresh salmon (5-8 oz. each)
  • 3 tbsp – Red onion, minced
  • 2 – Garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 – Orange, segmented
  • 2 tbsp – Soy sauce
  •  1 tbsp – Sesame oil
  • ½ tsp – Sriracha (chile sauce)


  1. Preheat oven to 425*
  2. Place each piece of salmon on its own piece of aluminum foil (large enough to be bunched up to create the pouch)
  3. Season the salmon with salt and pepper
  4. Sprinkle half of the minced red onion and garlic on each piece of salmon
  5. Place the segments of one half orange on each piece of salmon
  6. In a small bowl, combine the soy sauce, sesame oil and sriracha
  7. Pour the liquid mixture over the salmon and gather the edges of the aluminum foil to create a pouch – leave a small opening at the very top to release steam
  8. Bake for 14 minutes
  9. Transfer onto plate and serve with rice or noodles
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