Empowering Others to Cook

Sharing my acquired knowledge and teaching others how to cook for themselves – MAKE THEIR OWN RECIPES – is the aim of My Culinary Joy.

My mission comes most alive when I meet with individuals and groups face-to-face to provide hands-on instruction.

Of these experiences, the most gratifying is when I have the opportunity to work with children (and in many cases, their parents). By exposing them to ingredients and teaching them simple techniques, I feel I am empowering them for a lifetime of home cooking.

It was, therefore, with great pleasure that I provided a culinary demo this week for Healthy in Hialeah. In the process of learning how to make Guacamole and Black Bean, Roasted Poblano & Corn Salsa, these children (and their parents) realized the ease with which they could utilize the bounty of flavors and colors that are available to make healthy, home-cooked food.

My proudest moment was when, during my demo, the children and their parents began sharing ideas for how they could take what they had learned, make substitutions and create entirely different meals.

I’m thrilled to be associated with these efforts and look forward to continuing to empower food-lovers everywhere to make their own recipes.

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3 Responses to Empowering Others to Cook

  1. Mon says:

    Great work! I am sure everyone had a fabulous time and learned so much.

  2. Michelle Murphy says:

    Nice Work! How much fun that must be 🙂

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