The Breakfast Panini

We’re on vacation!

Was just served this lovely breakfast panini at Addison on Amelia.

After layering the egg, ham and cheese onto good bread, they toasted it on a panini press*. Easy ingredients and simple technique. It was delicious, but I’m always thinking, how might I make this my own recipe? How about I:

Vary the meat?

  • Sliced turkey, chicken, roast beef, corned beef or even smoked salmon would work.

Add vegetables?

  • Roasted peppers, oven-dried tomatoes and any grilled vegetables such as onions and zucchini would be perfect.

Diversify the flavors?

  • For a Spanish vibe, use serrano ham or chorizo and manchego cheese.
  • For an Italian take, use prosciutto and mozzarella cheese.
  • And for French style, use Paris ham and brie cheese.

Now, please share your recipes!

* If you don’t have a panini press, simply place your sandwich in a skillet or on a grill and weigh it down with another pan.

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